has announced its partnership with Oppo India to launch a 24×7 artificial intelligence (AI) powered customer support solution. With this implementation,’s Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform will respond to all Oppo customer queries after business hours, with instant responses and zero waiting time. With complete end-to-end automation of in-scope calls, the AI-enabled voicebot will help resolve most customer queries.

In line with Oppo’s vision to expand its customer experience (CX) strategy, partnering with for its digital voice agent will help the brand respond to each customer call in real-time. The voicebot will solve frequent customer queries entirely, reducing wait time and improving cost efficiency, further allowing customer care representatives to focus on more complex issues. The voicebot has been trained to answer questions in English and Hindi for various use cases, including inquiries on spare parts, new devices, information about the nearest service centre, and appointment bookings. A critical metric for Oppo India was to increase call containment to 15 per cent, and basis the initial testing,’s Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform outperformed the target. It delivered a call containment rate of 30 per cent.

Commenting on the partnership, Saurabh Chaturvedi, head of customer service, Oppo India, said, “We operate in a highly dynamic and competitive market, which demands quick, efficient, and proactive responses to meet our customers’ needs. Hence, our CX strategy at Oppo India is heavily focused on implementing solutions that allow our customers to navigate their queries easily. Through our strategic partnership with, we aim at multiplying our CX support with dual benefits: our customers receive immediate resolution and 24×7 support. At the same time, call containment allows our agents to focus on value-added tasks. We are excited to bring the benefits of this first-of-its-kind digital voice agent to millions of customers in India as we advance the solution further and explore its capabilities.”

Meanwhile, Sourabh Gupta, co-founder and CEO,, said, “Over the years, we have seen industry leaders across key sectors realise the benefits of voice AI in India and across the globe. We are glad to announce this partnership with Oppo India, as they recognise the potential voice AI holds to shape the future of CX management. Using’s Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform, Oppo will be able to provide smarter and more efficient customer service to millions of Indian customers.”

Oppo India and’s partnership has witnessed excellent results in the deployment stage, and the voicebot is completely equipped to answer all customer queries.’s Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform will comprehend more as it expands its AI capabilities by answering more and more customer queries resulting in improved performance and adding more value to Oppo’s CX strategy.