According to a report released by Cisco, only 26 per cent of the organisations in India are fully prepared to deploy and leverage artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technologies. Whereas, 32 per cent of the companies in India are considered unprepared at one per cent, or partially prepared at 31 per cent.

As per the report, the inadequate infrastructure readiness poses a significant challenge in impeding the adoption of AI-powered technologies. The research further reveals that 95 per cent of businesses worldwide recognise AI’s potential to augment infrastructure workloads, while only 39 per cent of Indian organisations consider their infrastructure to be highly scalable. To address AI’s growing power and computational demands, 68 per cent of companies will require additional data centre graphics processing units (GPUs) to support both current and future AI workloads.

Further, approximately 18 per cent of organisations acknowledge the absence of comprehensive AI policies, an area that demands immediate attention as companies navigate and govern the diverse factors that pose a risk to eroding public confidence and trust. There is an urgent need for greater emphasis on the concepts of bias, fairness, and transparency in both data and algorithms.

However, Indian businesses are demonstrating a proactive approach in preparing for an AI-driven future. Notably, 95 per cent of organisations either have a robust AI strategy in place or are actively developing one.