NTT Limited’s Global Data Centres division has expanded its global data centre footprint by 20 per cent.

In India, NTT’s Mumbai 8 will be going live soon, the Chandivali campus, India’s first operational hyperscale data centre park, will reach 85MW of IT load.

Further, over the next 18 months, four new hyperscale data centre parks will also become operational including two in Navi Mumbai and one each in Chennai and Delhi, adding approximately 133MW of IT load and 50,000m2 of floorspace. Interconnections for 10 data centres across India will also be rolled out in 2021 and submarine cable landing stations are planned in Mumbai and Chennai. This expansion will further consolidate NTT’s number one position in the Indian market.

In addition to the expansion of NTT’s global data centre footprint, NTT is currently constructing a “MIST” large-capacity submarine cable connecting Singapore, Malaysia, and India (Mumbai and Chennai). The MIST cable system will have a total length of 11,000km: a distance which is further than flying from New York, across the US and the Pacific Ocean to land in Tokyo. Construction will complete in mid-2023. The infrastructure combination of such a significant increase in global data centre capacity coupled with NTT’s status as a tier 1 global network service provider, will provide businesses with a secure platform for increasing full-stack ICT service needs.

Commenting on the development, Masaaki Moribayashi, President and Board Director for NTT Limited said, “The pandemic has dramatically changed our way of life. People’s quality of life now fundamentally depends on this infrastructure. In the next 18 months, NTT plans to increase data centre operations by 20 per cent to a total of over 600,000m2 (approx. 6.5M ft2) of floorspace in over 20 countries and regions. In addition, NTT will globally expand approximately 30 connection points of GDCI service in our data centres to optimise the enterprise hybrid cloud environment over NTT’s data centres and network services. NTT has already started construction to add 300MW of IT load to its portfolio. With the completion of new data centres, expanded campuses and high capacity networks such as the MIST submarine cable, we are building a connected future that will benefit NTT’s clients around the world.”