Nokia has announced a partnership with Google Cloud, Microsoft and Amazon for developing 5G solutions.

Under the partnership with Google, the two companies will collaborate in developing joint solutions by combining Nokia’s radio access network (RAN), open RAN, cloud RAN (vRAN), and edge cloud technologies with Google’s edge computing platform and applications ecosystem.

Further, Nokia in partnership with Microsoft will develop market-ready 4G and 5G private wireless use cases designed for enterprises and will combine Nokia’s cloud RAN technologies with Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based services and developer ecosystem.

The project, which will run in three stages, will see Nokia combine its mobile network solutions including cloud RAN, open RAN, radio access controller (RIC), and multi-access edge cloud (MEC) with the Azure Private Edge Zone.

Through the partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Nokia aims to research and enable cloud RAN (vRAN) and open RAN technologies to develop new customer-focused 5G solutions. The collaboration also aims to develop an innovative proof of concepts (PoC) regarding cloud RAN and related technologies.