Nokia has launched the Fiber Techzone knowledge hub to give comprehensive guidance to new companies in the fibre broadband space on how to plan, fund, build, operate and monetise a broadband network.

According to the company, Fiber Techzone will provide broadband builders with insight, from high-level explanations of how fibre-to-the-home networks work and how they can improve the in-home Wi-Fi experience for their customers, to recommendations on how to monetise their fibre investments.

Commenting on the launch, Melissa Schoeb, chief corporate affairs officer, Nokia, said, “High-speed broadband is no longer a nice to have but is essential for access to education, healthcare and new, innovative services coming to the digital marketplace. As laid out in our People and Planet Report, bridging the digital divide is a key goal for Nokia and our Fiber Techzone will play a pivotal educational role.”