Nitin Singhal, Managing Director, Sinch

As managing director at Sinch, Nitin Singhal is focused on putting the company on the gro­wth trajectory to becoming a lea­ding communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) company ov­er the next three years. He aims to empower enterprises to ac­hieve breakthrough custo­mer ex­perience through Sinch’s CPaaS solutions, bring them the latest innovations in the communication industry and future-proof their digital engagement platforms.

According to Singhal, the dominant trend in the ICT/IT industry is an emphasis on seamless and interconnected communication with customers, which is multichannel, flexible and customised, and helps enterprises deliver information on their end-to-end offerings. “Another major trend or requirement for players in our vertical is to realign strategies and create solutions that factor in the data policy and other cybersecurity or digital communication policies that the government plans to unveil in the months ahead,” he says.

Singhal believes that the macro environment has several challenges and there is a continuous battle between investments for growth and cost savings. “However, there will always be a need for people to connect with each other and businesses through digital communication channels. That is what keeps everyone going and Sinch India is at the forefront of helping businesses connect,” he notes.

Singhal has an MBA in marketing as well as a postgraduate diploma in manufacturing, with a specialisation in computer app­lications. He has previously worked with software companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce and Adobe.

His last assignment at Adobe was his most memorable one. He joined Adobe in early 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. “Ev­en though we were impacted by the macro environment, the drive towards digital helped us grow the year-on-year revenue by 31 per cent in my first year at the company,” he recalls.

Singhal prefers giving autonomy to his teams and encourages them to challenge the status quo. When faced with challenges, he likes to break them into smaller problems and come up with a fix in a collaborative way. “My first view when looking at the possibilities is to bring confidence in the team that the sky is the limit, and then we see what all options we have,” he says.

Singhal is a fitness enthusiast and likes to spend his mornings following various fitness regimes. “Weekends are strictly blocked for family, friends and me time,” he says. His family comprises his wife and their two children.