Mellanox Technologies has launched the open Ethernet switch “SPECTRUM” with a switching capacity of 6.4 Tbits that can transfer 4.77 billion packets per second. The new switch is based on the company’s 100 GB Ethernet switch application-specific integrated circuit. It provides a choice of ports ranging from 10 GB and 25 GB to 40 GB, 50 GB and 100 GB, and ensures zero packet loss. This will help users fully utilise their network resources and maximise efficiency of the applications in their data centre. The switch is compatible with a range of network operating systems, thus allowing customers to choose the preferred network operating system. It is an efficient solution for cloud-based applications, web 2.0, storage, database and machine learning.

According to the company, implementing Mellanox solutions in data centres will help create a solid foundation for improving the competitiveness of businesses in the fast-paced modern world of digital services. Further, spectrum-based Ethernet switches ensure maximum performance, efficiency and throughput with low latency and low power consumption, thereby reducing costs significantly. This will maximise the returns on investment and ensure the highest application performance in data centres powering the telecom, manufacturing and cloud services markets in India. Recently, the company also unveiled its ConnectX-4 Lx Ethernet adapter and the LinkX family of Ethernet cables and transceivers.