Maxima Digital/Techno Sat Comm Consortium has tied up with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to offer free high-speed Wi-Fi services on Delhi Metro. At present, the service is being offered across all stations and trains that ply on the airport express line. The free Wi-Fi service has commenced, starting from January 02, 2020.

Talking about this first-of-its-kind venture in India, Farhad Rustamov, Maxima Digital, commented, “To provide streamlined Wi-Fi experience to consumers travelling on the Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro, we have laid down 24 Km fibre with 44 base stations and other active equipment to ensure that at no point in time, internet connectivity is lost. All trains on this route will have radios to connect to designated networks and each compartment will have a wireless network access point for passengers to sign on to. After this launch, we will be looking at covering the entire growing DMRC Network with High-Speed Wi-Fi Services.”

Following this launch, India has become the first country in South Asian region and among just a few countries worldwide to provide free Wi-Fi connectivity to passengers travelling in underground trains.