Mavenir, a network software provider, has launched its Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) solution. The IVA solution applies artificial intelligence (AI) to video stream analysis, enabling enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs) to gain instant insights and actionable intelligence.

Industries are engaging cameras at a rapid pace to capture images and videos to understand, prevent and react to anomalies. With several petabytes of data generated by cameras every day, business users seek AI-based solutions to complement human staff responsible for detecting and responding to insights.

Mavenir’s IVA bundles pre-trained deep learning models and pre-configured workflows with AI-infused analytics that reduce the solution time to value from several months to a few weeks. With the Mavenir IVA streamlined interface, users are empowered to configure and manage deployments, lowering the costs associated with skilled and scarce data scientists. The solution leverages NVIDIA graphic processing units (GPUs) to accelerate processing of data at several stages of the workflow, delivering insights within milliseconds latencies. Built on an open, cloud-native framework, Mavenir’s IVA can be deployed on any cloud infrastructure and integrated into a multi-vendor environment that implements actions on the derived insights.

Mavenir aims at further expansion of AI solutions portfolio with the NVIDIA Metropolis AI-on-5G converged platform, which includes an NVIDIA A30X converged accelerator and NVIDIA ConnectX SmartNIC with 5T-for-5G technology. The upcoming solution further speeds time to market by offering packages that include Mavenir and NVIDIA software, NVIDIA-Certified Systems from Dell and 5G radios.

Commenting on the development of IVA solution, Srinivas Chitiveli, Assistant Vice President, Product Management, Mavenir Edge AI Apps and Intelligent Video Analytics, said, “Mavenir’s IVA is the first in a series of exciting products coming soon in the Mavenir AI Apps portfolio. IVA enables enterprises and CSPs to tap into AI-enabled solutions that empower businesses. Mavenir is a unique vendor capable of delivering IVA as part of a comprehensive 5G solution, resulting in optimized deployments and lowered costs towards realizing value.”

Meanwhile, Ronnie Vasishta, Senior Vice President of Telecoms, NVIDIA, said, “NVIDIA and Mavenir have a shared vision of enabling the intelligent edge through software-defined, end-to-end solutions for businesses around the world. Working with Mavenir to bring to market their first of many 5G connected edge AI products enabled the first implementation of NVIDIA Metropolis on NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G platform.”

The distributed architecture of IVA employs real-time analytics to capture data at edge nodes and thereafter, uploads data content of value to a centralized computing function in the cloud. The smart edge nodes ensure optimized usage of the network’s bandwidth while the transfer of data to the centralized nodes provides capabilities for cumulative analytics, configuration of alerts and management of the edge nodes.

Key use cases for Mavenir’s IVA include:

  • Manufacturing – defect inspection
  • Smart Cities – traffic flow planning
  • Entertainment – crowd management for large events
  • Airports – traveler experiences enhancement
  • Retail – shopper experience enhancement, and
  • Workplace Safety – standards and regulations compliance.