According to Bernstein, Reliance Jio’s plans to build its own 5G software stack and embrace Open-RAN techniques will help the telco save the money it gives to existing 4G networks suppliers as premium payouts.

Bernstein also noted that Reliance Jio’s partnership with Qualcomm Inc would also help it roll out advanced 5G infrastructure and services.

Further, the global push-back on China’s Huawei as a provider of 5G networking components might allow Open-RAN architecture to gain a stronger foothold into existing operator networks, noted Bernstein.

However, Jio would continue to depend on external sources as most of the semiconductors used to power radio access networks (RANs) are likely to be foreign developed and produced. That said, there is a possibility of Jio leveraging the work of the Telecoms Infrastructure Project (TIP), which was founded by Facebook.