The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has launched a global platform to assist telecom carriers, policymakers and regulators for building robust networks and show solidarity following the COVID-19 crisis.

Commenting on the development, Houlin Zhao, ITU secretary-general, said,  “The platform ITU aims to assist national policymakers, regulators and industry stakeholders to ensure that networks are kept resilient and telecom services are available to all to the maximum extent possible by sharing best practices and initiatives put in place during the Covid-19 crisis. At stake is our ability, as one human family, to give health workers everywhere the tools they need to carry out their duties, to allow all those that can to work from home, to trade online, to ensure that hundreds of millions of children and young people keep up with their studies.”

Further, ITU stressed that never before have telecom networks been so vital to the health and safety, and to keep the economy and society working, as during the COVID-19 crisis today. To this end, it has directed existing regulatory and policy-maker platform to help countries and industry cope with the increasing stress being put on global networks.

As per ITU, the Global Network Resiliency Platform launched by ITU will soon be expanded to provide an interactive and engaging medium for continuous sharing throughout this crisis and beyond.

The new platform would enable countries struggling to find appropriate solutions to ensure their networks’ resiliency with relevant and trustworthy information and expertise on how to cope with the stresses faced by their infrastructure. It will collect relevant and trustworthy information and expertise on actions that telecommunication policy-makers, regulators and others in the regulatory community can use to ensure that their telecommunication networks and services serve the needs of their country.