Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has launched India’s high power communication satellite GSAT-30.

The GSAT-30 was launched from the Ariane Launch Complex in Kourou, a French territory located in north-eastern coast of South America.

The satellite will enhance television, telecommunications and broadcasting services. Further, the satellite provides extended coverage in C-band, which is used by broadcasters to beam their programmes over India, Gulf and Asian countries, and Australia.

The 3,357-kg satellite was deployed from the lower passenger position of Ariane-5 launch vehicle (VA 251) into to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO). It is configured on ISRO’s enhanced I-3K Bus structure for providing communication services from geostationary orbit in C and Ku bands.

GSAT 30 has a mission life of 15 years and will join the 19 communication satellites that are currently operational. The GSAT 30 will be taking over the services of ISRO’s INSAT 4A.