In a bid to control the COVID 19 pandemic, integrated command and control centers (ICCC) across 45 smart cities in India have been converted into nerve centre for COVID-19 operations.

Since these command centres were planned like hi-tech control rooms to monitor functions of municipalities, the centres were changed into COVID-19 war room with minor tweaking.

Now, the cities will monitor quarantine facilities, provide free Wi-Fi, track health of suspected patients and their contacts under home quarantine.

Further, the centres will also monitor the roads and traffic through drones and push awareness messages through helplines.

Apart from this, Bengaluru has also converted its command and control centre within 24 hours into COVID-19 war room. The centre has mapped each COVID-19 positive case using geographic information system (GIS) and is actively tracking health care workers using GPS and drawing up containment plan using heat mapping technologies.

Further, at Tirupati, groceries and other essentials are being home delivered through the command centre. Ujjain has set up a call centre that has classified the calls into five categories information about what is Covid-19 and symptoms.