According to IBM’s 2021 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index report, India was second only to Japan in Asia Pacific in terms of number of cyberattacks faced in 2020, accounting for 7 per cent of all attacks in the region.

The report highlighted that finance and insurance were the most vulnerable sectors, followed by manufacturing and professional services. Further, ransomware emerged as the top attack type, making up roughly 40 per cent of all cyberattacks.

In addition, digital currency mining and server access attacks also hit Indian companies in 2020.

Moreover, the most successful way victim environments were accessed during 2020 was scanning and exploiting for vulnerabilities, surpassing phishing for the first time in years.

Europe experienced more attacks than any other region in 2020. In addition, Europe saw more insider threat attacks than any other region, seeing twice as many such attacks as North America and Asia combined.