According to a recent report, India has positioned itself in the bottom of a global tally of countries with good online security habits and cyber hygiene.

In the National Privacy Test conducted by NordVPN, India scored 51.2 points out of 100 (14 points below the global average). With this India ranked 19 out of 21 countries followed by Turkey and Japan.

The study surveyed 48,063 respondents from 192 countries on their digital habits, privacy awareness and digital risk tolerance.

Furthermore, European nations topped the chart with Germany 71.2 points, Netherlands (69.5) and Switzerland (68.9) in the top three spots followed by United States (68.5).

Further, the report added that Indians scored 65.2 per cent in awareness of what to do when facing threats such as exposure of personal data compared to Germany’s 90.2 per cent. Almost one-third Indians said they would engage in a conversation or give in to the demands of bad actors claiming they got their device infected with malware. Globally, only 4.5 per cent of people would fall for that type of scam. Further, in theoretical knowledge of cybersecurity, Indians scored 57.6 per cent. Indian respondents particularly scored strong in knowing how to set strong passwords at 78 per cent score. But the country lags in social media use, the study notes, as Indians scored low (36 per cent) on awareness of information that should not be shared on social media platforms.