As per a ‘Speedtest Global Index’ conducted by Ookla, India has ranked 131 out of 145 countries in mobile internet speeds for the month of August 2019.

The average download speed in India was 10.65 Mbps, a slight increase from 9.15 Mbps reported in August 2018. Besides, the upload speed also witnessed a slight increase from 3.48Mbps to 4.23Mbps in the same period.

South Korea led the list with an average mobile internet speed of 111 Mbps followed by Australia with 66.45Mbps. Further, Qatar, Norway and UAE took the third, fourth and fifth spot with speed of 65.62 Mbps, 65.35 Mbps and 64.11 Mbps, respectively.

The global average mobile internet download speed increased to 28.02Mbps and the upload speed was at 10.87Mbps.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka bagged the 83rd position with a speed of 22.04 Mbps, Pakistan was on 118th spot with 13.08 Mbps.