HCLTech has launched a range of innovative technology solutions for the 5G ecosystem at the Mobile World Congress 2023. HCLTech’s solutions leverage its differentiated portfolio across digital, engineering, cloud and software to help communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises supercharge their 5G readiness and accelerate monetisation of their investments.

5G system integration framework (5G SF)

HCLTech’s 5G SF enables operators of public and private 5G to seamlessly deploy and integrate critical components of a future-ready network. With HCLTech’s 5G SF, CSPs, enterprises, hyperscalers, chip and equipment manufacturers will benefit from seamless virtual functions onboarding, significant operational efficiencies and enhanced network and user experiences.

Commenting on the development, Vijay Guntur, President and Head, Engineering and R&D Services, HCLTech, said, “CSPs and enterprises need a system integration partner that can scale in diverse technology domains to integrate, deploy and operate 5G networks. With our 5G system integration framework, we have created a differentiated set of services to address the unique system integration requirements for disaggregated and distributed network domains that include radio access network (RAN), transport and core.”

Meanwhile, Jagdeshwar Gattu, President, Digital Foundation Services, HCLTech, said, “HCLTech’s heritage in architecture and design, system integration and management of complex networks across different technologies makes us a perfect partner for CSPs and enterprises aiming to achieving business outcomes by deploying industry-specific 5G use cases.”

CloudSMART modernization experience and site reliability engineering (SRE)

With the onset of 5G, the CSPs are looking to rapidly transition from proprietary platforms to cloud native platforms, which provide flexibility and scalability to deliver customised services to users.

HCLTech’s innovative CloudSMART modernisation experience for telecom supports the adoption of open-source and off-the-shelf IT vendor solutions. This gives telecom service providers the flexibility of developing tailored solutions by combining best-of-breed platforms from multiple network solutions providers.

HCLTech’s SRE enablement for cloud native telecom enables a complete set of practices required to successfully run telecom operations at scale using modern cloud native platforms. It allows telecom service providers (TSPs) to improve and maintain industry-best reliability levels through implementing advanced SRE practices within their operations, ultimately gaining efficiencies while reducing lock-in with traditional telecom network providers.

Further, Kalyan Kumar, chief technology officer, Head of Ecosystems and chief product officer, Products and Platforms, HCLTech, said, “We are thrilled to be launching these two new services to transform the ways in which enterprises across industries view their strategies for business growth and development. Our enablement of cloud native telecommunications platforms will provide a much-needed solution for businesses looking to take advantage of the latest advancements in the telecommunications industry.”