Tektronix has launched the DPO7OE1, a calibrated optical probe and analysis software for use with real-time oscilloscopes. It is optical reference receiver (ORR)-compliant for 28-GBaud PAM4 applications and supports the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)/Optical Internetworking Forum-Common Electrical I/O (OIF-CEI) standard specific measurements.

This solution complements Tektronix’s optical pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) analysis tools for sampling oscillosco­pes, giving design teams efficient test solutions for all stages of the optical transmitter workflow.

The new product allows R&D and system engineers to more easily troubleshoot their optical devices by adding powerful debug capabilities. It also helps them in software clock recovery for PAM4 and non-return to zero (NRZ), triggering, error detection, and capture time correlated or contiguous record of a signal.

The DPO7OE1 offers 33 GHz optical bandwidth for 28-GBaud PAM4 debug applications. It can also be used for legacy NRZ applications. Analysis packages support standard optical measurements including aspect-oriented programming, optical modulation amplitude, eye height and eye width as well as PAM4 IEEE and OIF-CEI standard specific measurements including transmitter and dispersion eye closure quaternary.