The Cellular Operators Association of India has stated that the government should identify 6GHz spectrum band (5925-7125 MHz) for the commercial deployment of 5G new radio (NR) network, along with 5.5G and 6G.

In the letter to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), dated April 7, 2023, COAI said that the licensed 6GHz will be ideal for commercial deployment and success of 5G NR, 5.5G and 6G in the future.
The telco group claims that the 6GHz band will help enable sustainable growth of 5G capacity on 5G sites. Along with the availability of 6GHz at reasonable price and condition, would drive towards a more cost efficient network deployment also helping lower the broadband usage gap and support digital inclusion in the country.

COAI supported GSMA’s views that the 6GHz frequency range would act as the primary mid-band spectrum to meet the needs for 5G expansion, and also added that mid-bands like 6GHz also provide a balance of wide coverage and capacity which is critical to the rapid and cost efficient deployments of 5G mobile networks in India.

The GSMA study also showed that India can save over $10 billion annually on network expenditures by using mid-band spectrums for 5G services, such as 6GHz band. The 6GHz band is currently being used by Indian Space Research Organisation for satellite operations. 

COAI believes that the 6GHz band can enable the growth of sustainable 5G capacity on 5G sites, and said that the timely availability of 6GHz, at reasonable conditions and price, would drive cost-efficient network deployment, help lower the broadband usage gap, and support digital inclusion in the country.