The government of Jammu and Kashmir has approved a Rs 304 million project — ‘Sensor-based Smart Agriculture’ — envisaging integration of agriculture with technology driven by artificial insemination (AI) and internet of things (IoT) for automation of practices, enhanced resource use efficiency and profitability. The project would enable the use of hi-tech polyhouses for cultivation of cash crops around the year with the application of IoT and automation for monitoring microclimatic parameters of plants.

Under the project, a sensor-based pilot study will be conducted on high-density apple orchards, protected cultivation and smart livestock farming. The objective is to increase the use of resources and improve efficiency by up to 80 per cent and automate agricultural operations with precision in high-density plantings of apple, vegetables and livestock. Besides, the real-time detection and variable rate spray using robotics and drones is expected to reduce the production cost by 80 per cent. In addition, the proposal also aims to build a sensor corridor for livestock and phenotyping and yield prediction.