The government has imposed a five-year anti-dumping duty on optical fibre imports from countries such as China, Korea, and Indonesia after discovering that they were selling at “below normal values,” to the detriment of Indian players such as Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL), Birla Furukawa Fibre, and American Corning.

The anti-dumping order was issued by the Ministry of Finance in response to the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR), the Ministry of Commerce’s investigative department, which had recommended the action. The investigation found that the goods were exported to India at below-market prices, causing ‘material injury’ to domestic companies.

The prescribed anti-dumping measures are expected to serve as an effective deterrent and go a long way towards assuring a future-ready, high-quality network for India.

Industry reactions:

Commenting on the development, Ankit Agarwal, managing director (MD), at STL, said, ”The decision to impose anti-dumping duty on single mode optical fibre imports from China, Korea, and Indonesia is a strategic move that will unlock the growth potential of the indigenous optical fibre industry.  Optical fibre is a hi-tech product and it is absolutely critical for India’s digital ambitions. Low-price, low-quality fibre coming into India through these countries can impact the longevity and quality of India’s 5G and rural broadband network and can potentially wash off nearly 10 years of the fibre’s lifetime! The prescribed anti-dumping measures will be an effective deterrent to such activities and will go a long way in ensuring a future-ready, high-quality network build for India. These measures outlined by the Ministry of Finance not only strengthen the Indian optical industry but also pave the way for India to become a global leader in optical fibre, taking PM Modi’s Digital and Atmanirbhar India vision to greater heights. With this decisive action by the Ministry of Finance, we expect to witness positive changes in the domestic optical fibre market dynamics and an overall enhancement of the domestic industry’s growth prospects.  We sincerely express our gratitude to the Ministry of Finance and the DGTR for their unwavering dedication and impartial assessment, leading to this well-considered decision.”