The Department of Information and Technology (DoIT) is reportedly planning to begin the transition of the state-wide area network from Goa Broadband Network (GBBN) to BharatNet project by 2023.

To this end, the state has set a target of 2025 to complete the implementation of BharatNet project in the state.

Recently, the DoIT had extended the contract with United Telecoms Limited (UTL) for GBBN till July 2021. It is still in discussion with the Centre for sanctioning BharatNet.

According to industry sources, DoIT is trying to move government services and websites from the state data centre to the cloud in order to improve efficiency and reliability of the government services. Further, the state government hopes to replace GBBN with BharatNet to connect the village panchayats and over 200 government offices. To this end, DoIT has sought Rs 3.27 billion from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to create the nationwide optical fibre network in Goa.

DoIT decided to exit GBBN as the equipment installed and deployed by UTL is at end of life, end of warranty and needs complete replacement.