Girish Oberoi, GM, Strategic Account Management, Telecom, Vertiv India

Girish Oberoi joined Vertiv (then Emerson Network Power) in 2001, in the air-conditioning project management function. In 2006, he was assigned the responsibility of the data centre business and later, in 2008, was appointed as a key account manager for the telecom vertical. Since 2011, he has been managing the telecom vertical for India and adjacent countries, as well as some key tower companies in the Africa region.

Oberoi believes that the introduction of 5G is going to be a game changer for the Indian market. The telecom industry is already gearing up with the necessary infrastructure to support the new technology. “The roll-out of 5G has slowed down due to the pandemic; however, Vertiv continues to innovate and offer infrastructure solutions that will efficiently and reliably support 5G adoption and support 5G use cases,” he says.

He also foresees Wi-Fi availability at public places as a key future trend in the Indian telecom space. The government has already started providing free Wi-Fi at metro and train stations, and this will expand to more public spaces, he believes. As more people get access to smartphones and internet connectivity in the country, there will be an increase in demand for high resolution content with reduced latency across platforms. With emerging technologies such as IoT and AI gaining traction, communication between devices, vehicles, vehicles and machines, and humans and machines will increase dramatically. The telecom sector will play a huge role in supporting these data transactions and ensure uninterrupted communication for businesses to function smoothly.

For Oberoi, one of the most exciting parts of his career has been his involvement in Vertiv’s first-ever design project to build a data centre for a leading telecom operator in the country. “This was one of the most prestigious projects at that time and I gained a lot of exposure working with the internal teams as well as the customer. This helped me to get deeper into the telecom vertical and explore different opportunities to pitch Vertiv solutions better to our clients,” he recalls.

A graduate from Delhi University, Oberoi has also completed a leadership development programme from IIM Ahmedabad. He is a cricket enthusiast and an inveterate traveller. He also enjoys listening to music.

His family comprises his wife, a homemaker, and their two children, a son, who is pursuing B.Tech, and a daughter, who is in high school. “I am blessed with the most amazing family,” he says with obvious pride.