Ookla recently released updates to its Speedtest Global Index. As of January 2020, the Index ranked India 128th for mobile broadband and 66th for fixed broadband, globally. India’s performance in mean download speeds on fixed broadband has gone down from 40.11 Mbps in December 2019 to 38.84 in January 2020.

However, there is a slight improvement in mean download speeds on mobile broadband from those of December 2019. Mean download speeds on mobile broadband have gone up from 11.46 Mbps to 11.58 Mbps in January 2020.  In addition, India moved up a spot on fixed broadband since December 2019, but there was no movement when it came to mobile broadband ranking. 

The January Global Speedtest Index has UAE on first position on mobile broadband with a mean download speed of 87.01 Mbps. Singapore still holds the top spot for fixed broadband with a significant increase in mean download speeds at 202.21 Mbps.

As per the recent report by Ookla examining trends in Indian telecom market, India is the leader in mean download speeds on fixed broadband amongst neighbouring countries. The report highlights that with Reliance Jio’s rollout of its new GigaFiber service in India, the fixed broadband speeds will continue to increase country-wide.