According to Neeraj Mittal, secretary, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken several steps to speed 6G research and development (R&D) in India, ensuring that the country can contribute to the development and manufacturing of 6G technology by 2030. The DoT has set up a Technology Innovation Group with members across the supply chain to develop the vision, mission, and goals for 6G and how to deliver it in India.

Mittal noted that six task forces have been formed focusing on multidisciplinary innovative solutions, multi-platform next-generation networks, spectrum for next-generation requirements, devices, standards for contribution and funding, research and development. The task forces are focusing on innovations to exploit new technologies to subsequently enable the Bharat 6G mission. The vision is based on the principles of affordability, sustainability, and ubiquity.

Furthermore, Mittal added that the DoT has signed two agreements for the 6G testbed project, with an emphasis on orbital angular momentum and multiplexing, as well as advanced optical communications.