The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has informed that the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and state governments are using GatiShakti National Master Plan (NMP) to identify suitable street furniture for installation of 5G cells. The Gati Shakti NMP was launched in October 2022 with an aim to develop and plan integrated infrastructure to reduce logistic costs. All logistics and connectivity infrastructure projects, entailing investment of over Rs 5 billion, are routed through the network planning group, constituted under the GatiShakti initiative. Different departments of the central government and states are using the NMP portal for integrated infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, Railways and Road Ministries too are developing projects of road connectivity. Similarly, 156 critical infrastructure gaps serving sectors such as coal, steel, fertiliser, ports and food and public distribution were also identified, the ministry added. Further, it said that 14 social sector ministries/departments have now been on-boarded the initiative. To create dialogue with states on their experiences, best practices and visions for PM GatiShakti, regional workshops across six zones – North, Central, South, West, East and North East have been planned in the coming months, the ministry of commerce and industry disclosed.