Digital Infrastructure Providers Association (DIPA) has written to Jishnu Barua, IAS, chief secretary, government of Assam, requesting necessary timely measures to ensure smooth telecom operations, safety of telecom employees and 24/7 telecom connectivity during the floods in Assam.

In the letter written to the chief secretary, Assam, DIPA is seeking timely support and intervention to contain the effect of flood situation on telecom services which has impacted many districts in Assam situation.

In order to ensure smooth telecom operations and 24/7 telecom connectivity during the ongoing heavy rainfall and floods affecting key districts in Assam, DIPA has requested for unrestricted access to telecom personnel for accessing telecom sites, availability of diesel for telecom towers, availability of power, cell on wheels deployment and contact details of dedicated nodal officers from electricity department/distribution companies (DISCOMs), home (police), petroleum who can be contacted for any support required for telecom infrastructure issues during the period.

To this end, T.R.Dua, director-general, DIPA, wrote, “We seek urgent support and intervention from Jishnu Barua, IAS, chief secretary, government of Assam, to ensure the availability of telecom connectivity on 24/7 basis to meet the urgent disaster situation. All our IP’s members are proactive and have taken necessary steps to ensure connectivity 24/7 in the areas which have been affected by the ongoing flood and all the background arrangements like additional DG sets, battery banks, spare parts, stocking of diesel are taken care off.”