Coforge Limited has formed a strategic alliance with Kong Inc.. Kong powers reliable digital connections across application programming interfaces (APIs), hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Under the alliance, Coforge aims to transform application delivery by adopting modern API development principles, architecture, and global standards, driven by Kong’s API and cloud connectivity solutions. As part of the alliance, Coforge will provide advisory, development, support, and maintenance services for cloud connectivity solutions across India, APAC, US, UK, and European markets.

Commenting on the partnership, Kristian Györkös, VP of alliances, Kong Inc., said, “At Kong, we partner with leading global IT solutions and services companies worldwide to bring our API management and service connectivity offerings to their customers. Coforge has the legacy, agility, and understanding of the insurance, BFS, and travel industries to drive growth for our offerings. Kong has partnered with Coforge to help enterprises around the world gain deeper data insights, improve performance, enhance the user experience, and deliver greater speed and efficiency to meet changing customer needs.”

Meanwhile, Vic Gupta, chief digital and technology officer, Coforge, said, “Coforge is committed to investing in building capabilities on the Kong platform through our dedicated centre of excellence, certified practitioners, and competencies acquired through multiple engagements. This strategic partnership will enable us to accelerate impact for our clients by leveraging emerging technologies and new business operating models. Further, the association will allow our clients to drive innovation at scale by giving them an opportunity to automate and modernize their existing architecture.”

Coforge has expertise in different Kong products, including Kong Gateway, Kong Mesh, Insomnia, and Kong Konnect, and the strategic move will help Coforge to make an impact in the rapidly growing cloud connectivity space.