Broadcom has unveiled new storage area network (SAN) management platforms, Brocade SANnav Management Portal and Brocade SANnav Global View, which deliver a dynamic, comprehensive and faster SAN management experience.

Enterprises today are faced with an unprecedented amount of operational data points and increased infrastructure complexity that can be overwhelming to manage. In order to address this complexity, Brocade SANnav Management Portal and SANnav Global View provide visibility across multiple SAN fabrics, transform SAN behaviour and performance data into actionable insights, and redu­ce administrative tasks through automation. This enables administrators to quickly associate real-time data with historical metrics and logs for in-depth analysis to spot trends, establish baselines, and identify behavioural changes over time.

The SANnav Management Portal captures SAN telemetry data and contextualises it into visual dashboards, enabling administrators to quickly detect and isolate points of interest for both troubleshooting and performance optimisation. The Brocade SANnav Global View allows administrators to understand the health of all of their SAN resources. This allows them to easily navigate from a holistic view down to the individual fabrics and switches in a specific local environment for large organisations.

Apart from this, Brocade has launched the Brocade 7810 Extension Switch. It is a modern replication connectivity solution that cost-effectively and quickly transports data over long distances between data centres. Equipped with a powerful built-in technology to overcome the challenges of latency and packet loss over distance, the Brocade 7810 dramatically speeds up replication performance to handle the unrelenting transfer of data bet­ween data centres. This allows organisations to substantially reduce costs through less-expensive WAN connections. The Bro­cade 7810 Extension Switch uses hardware encryption to ensure that in-flight data is protected over the wide area network and security compliance requirements are met.