Benoy C.S., Director, Digital Transformation Practice (ICT), Frost & Sullivan

Having spent close to 20 years in the consulting industry, Benoy C.S. feels that the best part of a career in this domain is that every new project offers an opportunity to learn new things. “All assignments bring in some new learning, which keeps me exci­ted,” he says. Benoy has been associated with Frost & Sulli­van for the past 12 years. Prior to that, he worked with the International Data Corporation and a few technology firms.

In his role as director, digital transformation practice, Benoy handles the profit and loss for Frost & Sullivan’s digital transformation practice for the South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa regions. His key responsibilities include undertaking strategic planning, developing and implementing business plans, leading important consulting engagements, and monitoring and reviewing all consulting and research deliverables.

Benoy says that the most interesting as well as challenging task before him in his current position is to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in the highly dynamic technology world. According to him, telecom operators across the world are re-st­r­ategising to leverage their pivotal role in enabling a digital society. Going forward, he feels that the emphasis of companies will be on driving business efficiencies and exploring new opportunities in a rapidly widening digital ecosystem. “The sector will cont­inue to evolve dynamically over the next few years. Boundaries will blur among product categories and partnerships will play a more imp­o­rtant role in driving innovation and providing differentiation.”

Benoy’s current responsibilities include selecting, teaching, empowering and retaining a qualified team of consultants, analysts and business development managers. He feels that in the research and consulting industry, people are the biggest asset. “It is extremely important to build and nurture a team that can deliver high quality output in minimum time. The most important task for the management is to align the organisational objective with personal objectives and provide due respect and recognition to the team,” he says. He counts his good understating of the ICT ind­u­stry, adaptability, and strong analytical skills as his key strengths.

Benoy has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum and a management degree in marketing from the Institute of Management, Kerala. He likes to spend most of his spare time with his family, which includes his wife, who is a software architect, and their two daughters. His parents are settled in Trivandrum.