Avinash Prasad
VP, DIAS-Global Data Centre Services, Tata Communications

Avinash Prasad has over two decades of business, custo­mer and solutions management experience in the areas of IT services, cybersecurity and consulting. Ow­­ing to his passion for security and risk management, he has led multiple functions such as data privacy, se­curity engineering, cloud and managed security ser­vices, and presales and business de­ve­lopment at companies inclu­ding Info­sys and Wipro.

At Tata Communications, Prasad heads the practice and business area of managed and cybersecurity services globally. His responsibilities include cus­­­tomer management, practice and solution development, innovation and partnership in the IT security domain and bu­­­siness development in­clu­ding positioning the company’s security services as a recogni­sed brand and expanding its mar­­­ket presence and reach.

Prasad believes that the wave of new technologies such as internet of things (IoT), arti­ficial intelligence, 5G and analytics has transformed the industry landscape but this transformation comes at the cost of threats to data security and privacy. “The surging adoption of IoT has given rise to new streams of data that ne­eds to be stored and managed on the cloud, which poses a se­ri­ous threat to data security and privacy,” he adds. “There is a major cybersecurity ri­sk spe­­cifically for telcos as carriers of massive volumes of data, and thus a huge responsibility. It is imperative to integrate cy­ber­security measures into the network, application and ac­ce­ss layers to minimise the risks of a serious data breach.”

Prasad fondly recalls roll­ing out the Cyber Security Re­s­­ponse Centre, which provides an immersive experience to cu­s­tomers as they can view the cockpit of cybersecurity operations of Tata Communi­cations globally, as his favourite.  The project required ba­sic blueprinting and multiple subsequent iterations of fine-tuning before the commercial launch.

According to Prasad, collaboration and transparency are the bedrock of his management principles. “I consider my logical skills, my ability to connect with people, to balance pressure with performan­ce, and my problem solving and troubleshooting skills as my key strengths,” he says.

Prasad has a B.Tech from IIT Delhi and an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur. He enjoys trekking and exploring nature, going for long drives, pla­y­ing and following spor­ts. He also supports child education initiatives. His family in­­­­cludes his father, his wife, who is an im­age consultant, and a son and a daughter. He has three dogs – a red retriever, a Ger­man shepherd and a spitz.