The government of Assam will import 30 Gbps bandwidth from Bangladesh in November 2022. The bandwidth will be purchased by state-owned Assam Electronics Development Corporation Limited.

According to government sources, a meeting was held between a delegation from India and the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Government of Bangladesh, Mustafa Jabbar, in Dhaka on August 23, 2022, in this regard. The policy decision of bandwidth export from Bangladesh was finalised in the meeting and all the processes are expected to be completed by November 2022, after which the agreement will be signed in this regard.

Jabbar informed the delegation that bandwidth is being exported to Saudi Arabia and India to meet the increased network demand. He further directed the concerned officials to initiate the process for export of bandwidth to Assam. Once the process is completed, Assam will establish a cable connection from Tamabil in Sylhet through Dawki in Meghalaya to Guwahati at its own expense. For this reason, the minister assured the delegation that Bangladesh will establish an alternative line to ensure uninterrupted connectivity up to Tamabil.