Aprecomm has announced its global collaboration with Mercku for powering Mercku’s Wi-Fi mesh devices. The partnership will enhance Mercku’s innovative WiFi connectivity solutions with Aprecomm’s artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled analytics platform.

Mercku equipment will now have out-of-the-box support for Aprecomm’s network intelligence cloud, which helps optimise connectivity experience for homes and small businesses. Communication service providers (CSPs) using Mercku WiFi equipment will now have complete visibility to the network and can resolve customer equipment inquiries in minutes, leveraging the fully automated root-cause analysis.

Commenting on the collaboration, Pramod Gummaraj, chief executive officer (CEO), Aprecomm said, “Aprecomm’s strategic partnership with Mercku will transform WiFi experience management for internet service providers (ISPs) in Mercku’s markets. We will empower ISPs to improve broadband rollout efficiency with our unique technology, propelling us to unparalleled success.”

Meanwhile, Shi Ge, co-founder and CEO, Mercku, said, “At Mercku, we pride ourselves on marrying art with technology, turning into solutions which both users and operators love. With Aprecomm Wi-Fi intelligence integration, Mercku’s ISP partners can further reduce operating costs, while providing more reliable connectivity experience to the end-user.”

Further, Guharajan Sivakumar, chief technology officer (CTO), Aprecomm, said, “Our AI-based solution boosts WiFi performance, giving Mercku users a flawless internet experience and service providers cutting-edge technology to understand subscriber experience.”