Amit Bishnoi, Senior Director, Asia Pacific, Communications Global Business Unit, Oracle

Amit Bishnoi is an IT and communications expert. In the past two decades he has wor­ked in business developm­e­nt and country leadership ro­les with companies like IBM, As­­pect, Verint and AGC Net­­­works, where he has helped th­em achieve a dominant mar­k­et share in their respective fields.

He is currently with Ora­cle, serving as senior director for the company’s Asia-Pacific (APAC) Communica­tions Glo­­bal Business Unit, where he is responsible for defining and executing the strategy for the communications enterprise business for Japan and Asia Pacific (JAPAC). His key focus areas are working with customers to optimise their communications infrastructure, help­ing them in their digital transformation journey and assisting in making technology an enabler for their business.

Bishnoi strongly believes that the telecom sector is pois­ed for change on the en­ter­prise side. “The transformation from time-division multiplexing (TDM) to session initiation protocol (SIP) in the network space has enabled enterprises to redefine their networks,” he says. “Using this technology, enterprises can simplify the current network in terms of redundancy. They can leverage the existing infrastructure by interconnecting various disparate systems using SIP trunks and session border controllers. As for service pro­viders, they would be able to offer more services to their cus­tomers in a secure, cost-effective and efficient way, providing better quality voice and value-added services.” He continues, “The challenge, however, is creating awareness for this technology. It is already being adopted in the US, Australia and Europe, and In­dia is not far behind.”

As for his management style, Bishnoi likes to get into the details of things and tries to understand the “why” behind the strategies adopted by the team. This detail-oriented ap­p­roa­ch, he believes, helps him to better empower his team and monitor key deliverables. He derives strength from the strengths of his team, which he chooses very carefully. “I belie­ve in hiring the right talent, leveraging their skill sets and keeping them motivated. I like to empower them and keep them focused,” he says. That said, he confesses that he is a little impatient when it comes to getting  results and this often keeps his team stretched.

Bishnoi is an electronics and communications engineer from the Birla Institute of Te­ch­­nology and holds an MBA in marketing from the Institute of Management Technology. He is a sports enthusiast, and likes reading books and watching movies in his spare time.