According to a survey by MoMAGIC Technologies, around 81 per cent people in India use 4G phones, followed by 3G and 2G at 6 per cent. The large number of 4G mobile phone users can be attributed to the fact that India has one of the lowest 4G mobile data prices in the world.

In contrast, about 56 per cent people in the country used 4G phones in 2017, and a substantial 34 per cent used 3G. A lot of 3G users have now moved to 4G mobile data, owing to its affordability, network reach and availability of cheaper mobile phones now supporting 4G networks.

The study also highlighted that even with the lowest mobile data costs in India, 49 per cent of the respondents limit their mobile data and just 15 per cent of the respondents said they do not monitor and limit their mobile data use.