According to a study by Nokia, 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) is the most desirable 5G use case amongst consumers globally. 75 per cent of people surveyed regarded FWA as the most appealing use cases, with 66 per cent claiming they’ll switch to 5G FWA if it proves to be cost-efficient and offers better or the same performance as their existing broadband connection.

This presents an opportunity for mobile operators to compete with broadband providers by offering FWA to homes and businesses. In fact, mobile operators can leverage the opportunity to offer FWA as an alternative to traditional broadband service. Around 41 per cent of respondents complained that there is a lack of choice as they only had the option of a single broadband provider.

The study also highlighted that 90 per cent of respondents believe that high-quality, uninterrupted video streaming is an integral aspect of 5G.

Additionally, 66 per cent of respondents rated video capture and streaming applications appealing and 69 percent rated video detection and alerting appealing.

Moreover, as per the report, over 50 per cent of smartphone owners would likely switch their operator if their current provider doesn’t provide 5G in the next 12 months.