4G technology will continue to play a significant role in the Indian telecom market even after the launch of 5G technology, as per global network testing firm Ookla.

According to Ookla, 4G availability is growing in the country, with the ‘4G Service’ metric (percentage of known operator locations where a device has access to 4G-LTE) increasing from 93.5 per cent in Q4 2020 to 96 per cent in Q2 2021.

Moreover, the median download speed increased from 10.64 Mbps in Q1 2020 to 15.67 Mbps in Q2 2021. Ookla highlighted that India ranks 122nd globally in terms of mobile network speeds as of July 2021.

Furthermore, the rapid adoption of 5G services in the market is likely to be driven by the Open radio access network (Open RAN), dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), and affordable 5G handsets, the company stated.