Wipro Limited has signed a new five-year contract with Nokia to drive digital transformation and efficiencies in global business services.

Wipro will deliver global business services in support of Nokia’s renewed operating model, focusing on process optimisation, touchless processing and enhanced user and customer experience across order management supply chain, finance, and accounting operations. Meanwhile, for Nokia, this represents a major step towards the digitalisation of its operations by leveraging Wipro’s unique transformation and innovation capabilities.

Commenting on the partnership, Rod Lindsay, vice president, Global Business Services, Nokia, said, “We have selected Wipro as our long-term partner to support Nokia GBS’ service delivery transformation over the next five years. This marks a significant milestone in our journey aimed at delivering tangible benefits to Nokia Business Groups through a unified service desk, seamless service integration, improved transparency and performance of GBS.”

Meanwhile, Vinay Firake, senior vice president and managing director, Nordics, Wipro, said, “We have a truly strategic partnership with Nokia, built over 20 years, based on our shared values.  We now have a shared purpose to drive impactful and quantified business outcomes enabled through technology, automation, and process digitisation. Our goal is to enable Nokia to win in the 5G world and beyond.”

According to Wipro, the deal was mentioned in the company’s financial results for the quarter and year ended March 31, 2022, without naming the customer or detailing the tenure and size of the deal.