Aveekshith Bushan, regional director and general manager, Asia Pacific, Aerospike

In today’s fast-paced world, companies such as Aerospike are enabling real-time decision-making, which has become critical for the functioning of businesses. In an interview with tele.net, Aveekshith Bushan, regional director and general manager, Asia Pacific, Aerospike, talks about why real-time decision-making is critical in the telecom sector, how Aerospike is enabling it and its future plans for the Indian market…

Why is real-time data decision-making critical in the telecom sector?

Today, customers demand accurate digital outc­omes instantly. This “right-now eco­nomy” is forcing businesses to evolve and mo­dernise their data infrastructure to provide real-time decisioning. Aerospike, a leading real-time data platform, makes it possible for enterprises to meet this demand.

How is Aerospike powering telecommunications data?

The telecom industry is one of the most important areas for Aerospike. Some of the advantages that telecom providers realise with Aerospike are:

  • Reduction in data-centric hardware costs by 40-90 per cent
  • Increase in industry-leading millisecond latency responsiveness and performance
  • Experiencing 99.999 per cent uptime for business applications
  • Rapid scaling from 10s to 100s of millions of subscribers per application
  • Handling 300 per cent application traffic growth with ease
  • Reduction in customer churn through real-time usage analysis
  • Increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities through real-time personalisation
  • Real-time access to all data related to customers, networks, etc.

Furthermore, Aerospike prevents data loss and reduces the total cost of ownership significantly compared to any other platform.

Who are Aerospike’s key India-based customers? What kind of projects have you done with them?

In India, Aerospike is working with leading companies such as Dr­eam 11, Airtel, Nokia and mo­re. For instance, Airtel, wh­­i­ch has a large In­dian cu­stomer base, ne­eded to provide a better customer ex­perience. Wi­th Aero­spi­ke as their in­frastructure pa­­rtner, they are looking to:

  • Unify data from various business services
  • Upgrade to a highly accessible, responsive architecture for scalability, speed and agility
  • Develop a unique footprint for customers
  • Deliver better-customised experiences and services

Nokia Networks has leveraged Aero­spike’s real-time database to provide a new payments application designed to capitalise on real-time inputs from the edge of the cloud.

As 5G will be a game changer in the telecom industry, how will Aerospike elevate its products and services?

With its massive amount of data, high bandwidth and near-zero latency, 5G is expected to have a significant impact on all sectors.

Aerospike can process streaming data from multiple sources and combine it with ex­isting system-of-record data for real-time analysis and decisioning. We combine performance with predictability and strong consistency while reducing the cost and complexity of managing workloads in multi cloud deployments.

How are you managing, leveraging and analysing data across silos?

At Aerospike, we are br­eaking down silos with our ability to ingest data from multiple sources, in real time, and make that data av­ailable to all apps/artificial inte­llige­nce/ma­chine le­arning platforms that can benefit from it in real time. Secondary indexes help with that, because you can select and query the data you want in more ways, more efficiently. One of Aerospike’s telco customers in the re­­gion has built a platform where data ac­ro­ss silos (post-paid, prepaid, DTH, telemedia, etc) moves into Aerospike from exis­ting platforms. Aerospike is used for real-time look-ups as customers interact with the various online and mobile channels of the telco. The resulting customer experien­ce has been transformationally better.

What are your plans for the Indian market this year?

Aerospike will continue to help customers build real-time applications that can scale quickly in order to handle billions of transactions as they happen. Aerospike’s low la­ten­cy access to data, with the highest levels of reliability and reduced server footprint, makes it an ideal platform for infrastructure optimisation across multiple clouds and bare-metal deployments. That Aerospike powers a significant number of payment co­m­panies is testimony to the need for a platform like Aerospike in the market. Aero­spike will continue to invest in engineering, and research and development efforts to power more such real-time applications, as telecom infrastructure continues to evolve and thrive in India.