Rajdip Gupta, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Route Mobile Limited

Route Mobile, a leading cloud communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) provider that caters to enterprises and over-the-top players, has been enabling these entities to improve customer interaction and enhance customer engagement. In an interview with tele.net, Rajdip Gupta, managing director and group chief executive officer, Route Mobile Limited, talks about the key highlights for the company, how it is integrating new-age technologies in its offerings, and its growth plans…

What have been the key highlights for Route Mobile during the past year?

Route Mobile has had a very successful and eventful year, with several achievements and milestones that we are proud of. Some of the key highlights are the launch of Tru­Sense and Roubot, two new products for digital identity and chatbot solutions res­pectively. We entered Saudi Arabia with a Communications and Information Tech­nology Commission licence and Sri Lanka with an exclusive application-to-person (A2P) partnership. We partnered with Coca-Cola UAE to automate their custo­mer experience. We opened Route Lab in Bengaluru for research and development, and innovation.

What are the key products offered by your company in the telecom space? What new solutions are you planning to launch?

Route Mobile is the largest CPaaS provi­d­er in Asia. As a cloud communication platform provider, we help businesses communicate with their customers through various channels and platforms. Our key offerings include solutions for messaging, voice, email, identity and Roubot. We also have new solutions in the pipeline based on blo­ckchain and artificial intelligence (AI)/ma­chine learning (ML) technologies. On the operator side, we provide exclusive A2P termination and firewall.

What are the key trends in the telecom and digital security domains in India? What role is Route Mobile playing in these domains?

The trends we have witnessed are 5G ad­option, whereby faster and more reliable connectivity will open up for internet of things; smart cities; augmented reality/virtual reality, etc. The telecom sector is also exploring different formats of digital advertising, such as online video, so­cial media and native ads. Another trend has been the surge in digital payments. In­dia’s cybersecurity market is rapidly growing. The gr­ow­­th is driven by the increasing digitisation and data reliance of various sectors and organisations, as well as the rising cyberthreats and incidents.

Route Mobile is playing an active role in the telecom/digital security domain by providing innovative and reliable solutions that can help businesses and mobile network operators secure their communication channels and platforms. Some of our solutions are:

  • TruSense: It is our digital identity and se­curity service that enables businesses to verify and authenticate their custo­mers across multiple channels. TruSense leverages our global connectivity, cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities to provide a seamless and secure customer experience. TruSense can help businesses prevent fra­ud, identity theft, phishing, spoofing, etc.
  • Route Shield: Route Shield is our SMS filtering solution, which helps mobile network operators mitigate unauthorised traffic and mo­netise all their in­coming A2P messages. Route Shield uses ad­vanced analytics and ML to de­tect and block spam, fraud and grey route messages.

How is the company integrating new-age te­chnologies (AI/ML, blockchain, etc.) in its offerings?

We are already on board with AI/ML and blockchain throu­gh Roubot and Route Guard.

  • Roubot: Roubot is our customisable no-code chatbot platform, which easily in­te­grates with ChatGPT and na­tural language processing (NLP) engines. Roubot can be de­ployed across various platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, RCS, Face­book Mess­en­ger, Telegram, etc.
  • Route Guard: Route Guard is our bl­ockchain- and AI-powered solution that enables businesses to protect their communication channels and platforms from fraud, spam and unauthorised access.

We are also utilising the power of AI to optimise our email delivery platform, SendClean, which drives intelligent email campaigns.

What are your growth plans for the near future?

Route Mobile has ambitious growth plans for the near future, as we aim to leverage the opportunities in the cloud communication market. We plan on dwelling on AI/ML and NLP modules to further en­hance our offerings. We plan on launching a couple of solutions that simplify identity verification and authentication under the banner of TruSense. Another launch in the pipeline is the Personalized Omnichannel Suite. You will learn more about the la­un­ches very soon.

From an operations perspective, we are focused on enhancing our profitability and margins by improving our operational efficiency, optimising our costs and diversifying our revenue streams.