In today’s digital world, original design manufacturers (ODMs) have become vital stakeholders in the telecom space. VVDN Technologies, an ODM operating in India, is one such company that has been striving to design and manufacture pro­ducts to support next-generation technologies. Since its inception in 2007, the company has been working in the areas of 5G, networking and Wi-Fi, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML)-based camera and vision solutions and cloud.

For VVDN, each domain is a business unit with a revenue target and technology roadmap. In every business unit, the company targets Tier-1 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators, and helps them design, develop and manufacture their next-generation electronic products. VVDN’s uniqueness and competitive edge lies in the scale and breadth of the product mix in each of the business units.

Tapping the networking and Wi-Fi space

The company focuses on both design and manufacturing in the field of networking and Wi-Fi. In the Wi-Fi space, VVDN’s focus areas range from Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 and 6E to software-defined wide area networks, Wi-Fi mesh and Wi-Fi sensing. It manufactures access points (APs), P2P and P2MP for its customers in India. The company’s core specialisation lies in industrial-grade AP, consumer-grade AP, enterprise-grade AP, smart cities, cloud network management systems, etc. In addition, VVDN supports the government’s flagship Pradhan Mantri Wi-Fi Access Net­work Interface (PM-WANI) scheme. To this end, the company had tied up with HFCL Limited’s Wi-Fi brand IO and i2e1 to set up a model PM-WANI village in Bas­lambi, Haryana.

On the global front, VVDN is in­vol­ved in design, software development and testing services for its customers, which include major Tier 1 companies from all over the world.

Enabling the leap to 5G

VVDN is also an active participant in the burgeoning 5G ecosystem. It is focused on developing internal internet protocols (IPs). It has set up radio frequency labs at its various centres along with best-in-class 5G testing equipment. In the 5G space, the company has generated IPs that have helped in the design of single/dual/tri band radio units and small cells, making it a pioneer in this field.

On the manufacturing front, the company is not only involved in product assembly, but also has a complete set-up to work on the mechanical aspect. The company recently expanded its manufacturing capabilities and added a new die casting facility to its state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure. To further strengthen its position in the 5G space, VVDN has added new, dedicated and specialised surface mount technology lines to boost the manufacturing capabilities of 5G products.

The company is also collaborating with key stakeholders to diversify its 5G of­f­erings. Recently, in June 2022, the Cen­tre for Development of Telematics signed an agreement with VVDN Tech­no­logies and IIT Hyderabad-incubated startupWiSig Networks to develop 5G open radio access network (RAN) pro­ducts and ot­h­er equipment. The collaboration aims to leverage the technical competencies and complementary strengths of Indian R&D and industry in evolving a mutually productive alliance leading to indigenous de­sign, development, manufacturing and de­ployment of cost-effective 5G products and solutions.

In another key move, VVDN recently an­nounced developments in its O-RAN IPs to help OEMs, telcos and system integrators design and deploy enterprise-grade as well as macro–O-RAN radio units and distribution units on option 7.2 split.

Betting big on PLI and Make in India

VVDN remains committed to the government’s Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bh­a­rat initiatives and is exploring opportunities under the recently launched product-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for telecom and networking equipment. In fact, it is amongst the 31 domestic and international companies that have been allowed telecom and networking equipment manufacturing under the PLI scheme by the Department of Telecommunications. The company be­lieves the PLI scheme to be an excellent initiative by the government to promote and expand telecom and network equipment manufacturing in India. The scheme is expected to help VVDN in attracting more business domestically as well as globally.

Puneet Agarwal, chief executive officer, VVDN Technologies, says, “We are delighted to have been approved under the PLI scheme for telecom and networking equipment manufacturing. The PLI sche­mes will go a long way in making India the new global manufacturing hub of electronic products. To meet the growing business demands, we have invested heavily in our infrastructure and workforce ex­pansion, and will continue to do so to cater to our Indian and global customers.”

Future growth plans

The company’s selection under the PLI scheme has provided a major fillip to its growth plans. VVDN has committed to invest Rs 4 billion under the PLI scheme in India over the next four years. In addition, it is looking to expand in different geographies in India as well as globally, and set up its own printed circuit board fabrication unit, which will be another step towards becoming fully self-reliant or Atmanirbhar.

Kuhu Singh Abbhi