Adopting smart tech solutions has become quintessential for businesses to understand and deal with challenges, meet evolving consumer needs, and thrive. As businesses are vying for growth, the competitive environment is becoming fierce which makes it vital to look for better tech solutions. Today, digitalisation has emerged as one of the most effective ways for organisations to transform the entire functioning, enhance consumers’ experience, and multiply revenue and profit generation.

Recognising the efficacy of digitalisation, the focus of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has shifted to utilising the full potential of revolutionary digital technologies. With this approach, they will be able to expand their business reach, serve consumers across the globe, create a flexible work environment, strengthen their bond with consumers and more.

To facilitate SMEs’ efforts to adapt to the evolving digital ecosystem, Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) with its vast enterprise expertise and research offers cutting-edge innovative digital solutions that are economical and help enterprises become future-ready. While its Smartflo solution, an advanced cloud communication suite allows organisations to establish uninterrupted communication with all the stakeholders, Smart Internet provides robust connectivity, security, and convenience to stakeholders.

Smartflo comes with myriad benefits that add to efficiency and productivity and enable businesses to deliver better customer experience across channels. Smartflo is an ultra-flexible and anywhere, anytime cloud communication suite that gives freedom to employees to communicate and work from anywhere across platforms of voice and data.

Commenting on the development, Mannu Singh, vice president, Tata Teleservices, said, “We have developed Smartflo to offer small and medium businesses (SMBs) an agile, flexible and seamless business communication so that they can augment their operations and remain competitive in the market. While developing this, we kept cost reduction at the centre of planning. It does not require a large setup or storage infrastructure, thus there is no maintenance cost at all. This very advantage of Smartflo makes it a viable cloud communication option. As an increasing number of businesses are looking at cloud-based platforms to engage with customers, TTBS is well positioned to seize this large and emerging opportunity. We wanted to help SMBs streamline their operations, enhance consumers’ experience and maximise profit. Our Smart Internet offers a complete solution of dedicated bandwidth, security, and manageability. This high-performance network allows businesses to access bandwidth-heavy applications easily with real-time usage control and manageability that significantly improves productivity.”

Additionally, Smartflo helps companies when it comes to business intelligence services. It provides reports and analytics that facilitate monitoring the progress of a project and tracking agents. It can draw insights from call notes, live calls, voice-to-text messages, and keyboard mapping. This very facility helps management in making the right business decisions that ultimately result in consumer satisfaction.

Most importantly, it offers impregnable security features like application programming interface (API) and Click2Call. Today, stakeholders are quite concerned about security due to continuous cyber-attack from hackers. In such a scenario, Smartflo came as a great respite as it offers the most reliable and indestructible security. It guarantees business continuity with 99.5 per cent uptime supported by 24/7 managed services. These solutions are quite encouraging for Startups as well.

Similar to Smartflo, Smart Internet has proved to be extremely beneficial for SMBs. It has assisted them with seamless connectivity, better security, manageability, and clear visibility of their users and network. As it is a do-it-yourself (DIY) interface, users can install, access, use and view it easily.

Today, dealing with malicious practices and cyber-attacks has become a cumbersome task for enterprises, but it’s necessary. Organisations are continuously looking for measures and tech solutions to strengthen their security and prevent such attacks. In such a difficult situation, Smart Internet by TTBS has emerged as a ray of great hope for SMBs. With advanced security features, it helps in removing or minimising the possibilities of cyber-attack on SMBs networks and improves their communication ability.

Offered as a bundled package of basic firewall and DNS options, Smart Internet with its strong fibre connectivity ensures maximum uptime backed with 99.5 per cent servive level agreement (SLA). It gives clear network visibility in terms of usage, peak load, and downtime. This feature allows organisations to proactively monitor their network and system. They can detect flaws and take appropriate measures to prevent the situation become worse. Definitely, it will help minimise or remove the chances of financial loss.

Cloud computing solutions have proved their efficacy and are being adopted at a greater pace. According to an industry estimate, they have substantially improved the agility and responsiveness of the businesses. Hence, it is expected that the demand for these smart solutions will rise exponentially.

As the most trusted player in the segment, TTBS is committed to democratising technology while keeping costs affordable so that businesses with low capital can utilise cutting-edge solutions. It adopts a progressive approach of empowering SMEs with tech solutions helping them become modern business entities. We can see many such innovative solutions from TTBS in the near future.