The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released its recommendations on “Review of terms and conditions for registration of Other Service Providers (OSPs)”.

The recommendations are based on the comments/inputs received from stakeholders on its consultation paper on the issue as well as TRAI’s own analysis.

As per the recommendations, only voice-based outsourced OSPs need to have registration at par with existing process. Data/internet based OSP would need to furnish intimation only. Further, provision of services for captive purposes i.e. captive contact centres have been kept out from the scope of OSP. They would require furnishing intimation only.

The complete process of registration / intimation shall be through online portal and time bound. Multiple OSP centres of a single company within one LSA can be registered as a single OSP. The requirement of agreement bank guarantee for sharing of infrastructure between domestic and international OSP of same company has been removed. The requirement of agreement and bank guarantee for availing work-from home (WFH) facility has also been removed. Furthermore, the requirement of PPVPN has been removed and any commercial VPN can be used to establish connectivity for WFH.