The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has filed its progress report in the Delhi High Court in reference to the ongoing lawsuit with Paytm’s parent One97 Communications Ltd.

As part of this report, TRAI has informed the court that 86,766 principal entities, 146,000 SMS headers and 150,000 content templates have been onboarded to the new blockchain-enabled platform aimed at curbing spam SMS traffic on access networks.

TRAI has also said that most of the genuine entities have registered themselves since volumes of traffic of commercial communication have reached closer to earlier levels. Further, the numbers of complaints are much lower than earlier. As per TRAI data, number of complaints against unregistered telemarketers decreased from 86,000 in September 2019 to 26,000 in July 2020.

Sharing details of action taken by service providers against malicious entities, TRAI noted that since September 2019, access providers have imposed usage cap on more than 130,000 cases. Further, over 93,000 cases have been issued warning notices for first instance of violation, over 71,000 cases have been imposed with usage caps for second instances of violation and more than 15,000 connections found to be violating the regulations third time were disconnected.