The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed principal entities (PEs) such as banks, insurance companies, trading companies, financial institutions and other entities to re-verify their message headers and content templates with telcos within two weeks.

TRAI has observed that some PEs have registered a large number of headers and content templates and, at times, some of these are misused by some telemarketers. To stop the same, the regulator through its direction dated February 16, 2023, directed for re-verification of all registered headers and content templates on DLT platform and block all unverified headers and message templates within 30 and 60 days respectively from the date of issue of direction.

However, TRAI said that many PEs have not yet completed the verification process for their headers and content templates. This delay poses risks such as spam and financial fraud, both inconveniencing the public.

In its latest notification, the regulator has stated that any further delay on the part of PEs to get the re-verification of headers and content templates may result in the blocking of their headers, content templates and messages. TRAI shall review the progress in the next two weeks and may issue appropriate direction if required.