The government of Telangana has signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Intel, Adobe, Tech Mahindra, Nvidia, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), IIT Khargapur and IIT Hyderabad, in an effort to develop a robust artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem in the state.

The partnerships are primarily focussed around conducting research, encouraging entrepreneurship and building capacities and a robust ecosystem around AI.

As part of its AI initiative, the Telangana government, in partnership with Intel, IIT Hyderabad and PHFI, will set up a centre for research in applied AI (CriAA) to focus on diagnostics, proactive public health, autonomous navigation and supply chain automation. The centre would also conduct research on connected vehicles and multi-vehicle systems, security, privacy and datasets.

Meanwhile, Nvidia will set up a high performance AI computing (HPAIC) centre in Telangana. This will enable startups and other institutions to access the high-end computing infrastructure required to analyse data quickly in order to get real-time analytics. In addition, Nvidia will host AI training sessions, organise hackathons and provide startup incubation platform to support women and minority groups.

Moreover, IIT Kharagpur will set up a research and development park and an AI centre of excellence, with a focus on advanced manufacturing, life-sciences and aerospace and defence.