STL is reportedly planning to fast-track its planned augmentation of optical fibre cable (OFC) capacity. The company is set to undertake expansion in two phases, possibly at lower costs.

In the first phase, the capacity is expected to rise from 18 million fibre km (FKm) to 24 million Fkm by the end of December 2020. While, in the second phase, Sterlite plans to move from 24 million Fkm to 33 million Fkm by March 2021 – April 2021.

According to STL, the expansion plans have been galvanised by demand recovery in the company’s major markets along with the new fibre build-outs planned in Europe. Expansion is expected to happen early in Europe followed by India.

Moreover, STL has already hit 90 per cent of its capacity utilisation, making expansion imminent.