At the Wi-Fi Summit, exemplary business models were shared broadly by seven critical startups and enterprises engaged in Prime Minister’s Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI). They discussed challenges, opportunities and possible solutions for proliferation of PM-WANI, paving the way to meaningful Broadband for All. It was very encouraging to see that PM-WANI Wi-Fi is coming up in different verticals. As cited by the speakers, non-availability of backhaul and its high cost is biggest challenge in addition to lack of awareness among consumers, network available in silos and poor proliferation leading to non-availability of critical mass needed to give a push to PM-WANI.

Brief details of these seven startups and their innovative business cases are given below:

Sanjeeva Kumar, TESS and TERA Techno Solutions have adopted two villages to make them fully PM-WANI compliant to proliferate Public Wi-Fi. It is coming up with innovative solutions like smart integrated kiosk and FTTX-Wi-Fi integrated solutions.

A case study was shared by Sai Manapragada, Chairman and CEO, XiFi Networks on Hyderabad Nampally Exhibition –a shining example to showcase PM-WANI and its practical utility. XiFi Networks is also building a Wi-Fi Uber model.

Srinivas Gudipudi, Founder and CEO, MatreComm Technologies has a unique roaming solution, which he intends to demonstrate with help of BSNL.

Ravikumar Chinnusamy, Managing Director, Infonet Comm is using PM-WANI for an innovative Agri-Tech solution.

Sumit Garg, Managing Director, Immunity Networks and Technologies confirmed user friendly plug n play applications and have scalable model for sustainability of PDOs.

Amarjeet Das, Nanovise Solutions said that Nanovise is facilitating PDOAs and PDOs to build innovative business models through its fully PM-WANI compliance stacks.

Rajesh Kaul, Founder and CEO, LMES has successfully implemented applications for monetisation to build strong business case for PDOs.

Commenting on the development, TV Ramachandran, President, Broadband India Forum (BIF), said, “PM-WANI, is gathering momentum, getting more awareness that it is unique and powerful instrument. It is result of great contribution by policy makers, regulators and entrepreneurs, to provide broadband to all and bridge the digital divide leading to transformation of the country in digital economy. India is leading in digital payments through UPI. Similarly, PM-WANI can be the next UPI for broadband internet. Sustainable business models are important for the success of PM-WANI and strong business cases are emerging in different verticals.”