Spirent Communications has la­un­­­ched the pX3 400G appliance, which is a highest density QSFP-DD tester. It is also the world’s first eight-port 1U-high rack-mountable solution for testing 400/200/100/50 gigabit ethernet (GbE).

This appliance has been designed to validate the forwarding performance and service quality of high-scale, next-generation-enabled and multi-terabit routers and switches.

A single pX3 400G appliance offers eight ports and up to 255 pX3 units can be interconnected to provide synchronised timing for a total of 2,040 ports. These appliances interoperate with and complement Spirent’s extensive high speed Ethernet test modules.

This appliance also allows a user to quickly navigate to specific ports or streams and identify problematic events in a short span of time, even with the largest and most complex test configurations.