According to a report by Techarc and mScanIt, the smartphone sector in India is expected to earn more than half of its sales during the festive quarter. With approximately 49.9 million smartphones projected to be sold during the Oct-Dec 2021 quarter, the quarter’s sales contribution by revenue and volume is estimated to be 56 per cent and 32 per cent, respectively. The study is unique to the industry with mScanIt tech incorporated into this combined analysis.

Commenting on the development, Amit Relan, co-founder and director, mFilterIt, said, “Bringing up the unique insights, the upsurge in the sale of smartphones reflects the growing Indian economy in the post-pandemic era. Smartphones worth Rs. 1252 Bn are projected to be sold online in this quarter and this is an improvement from what the scenario was last year. mScanIt delivers a unique proposition, helping online brands to get a holistic view of the online channels, be it marketplaces, or individual sites.”

Meanwhile, Faisal Kawoosa, founder, Techarc said, “With the talks around 5G network launching in India, the consumer buying preferences have considerably shifted to the 5G smartphones lately. Currently, Amazon and Flipkart, the two largest online marketplaces, both offer more than 50 5G smartphone models and Samsung remains at the top followed by Realme and Xiaomi, with the maximum number of 5G smartphones in all the price segments.”

According to multiple surveys, consumer purchasing habits in India have significantly improved and increased after the pandemic. This analysis by techarc and mScanIt reveals that the mid-segment (Rs. 12,000-15,000) and premium range (Rs. 25,000-50,000) smartphones would lead in sales with a contribution of 42 per cent and 51.7 per cent handsets, respectively, during this festive quarter. The eCommerce platforms have become a trusted source for customers to acquire gadgets, and online sales are increasing in the mid and premium categories this season. This is a departure from past years when the basic segment drove most of the online sales.